Thank you, SABR …

Jim Leeke — AABP (updated April 17)

The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) recently tabbed From the Dugouts to the Trenches: Baseball during the Great War for a 2018 SABR Baseball Research Award. The honor was all the more exciting for being completely unexpected. (From the Dugouts also has now received SABR’s 2018 Larry Ritter Book Award).

The baseball community seems to be acknowledging that the sport’s history during WWI has been neglected far too long. I recently presented a paper at the NINE Spring Training Conference in Tempe, Arizona, about the fates of former New York Giants teammates Edward Grant and Harry McCormick in the Great War. You may know that Captain “Harvard Eddie” Grant was killed in action in the Argonne Forest, five weeks before the armistice. You may not know that Lieutenant “Moose” McCormick returned from France suffering from shell shock.

I wasn’t the only speaker to mention Eddie Grant at NINE. Another speaker included him in the conference’s very first presentation. Umpire Perry Barber later coined the phrase “Eddie Grant Lives,” which resonates a century after his death. SABR helps to preserve his memory, and those of other ballplayers who served in the armed forces, by honoring a book about baseball during WWI. Thank you, SABR!