Lights, camera, action ...

Today's guest blogger is Emily Tait, UK filmmaker ...

Ten years ago, my Dad was signed off work sick. During a restless night, unable to sleep, he discovered a love for a sport he had never before appreciated. I wish I could tell you about the thrilling game he experienced that night. Unfortunately, the only recollection he has of this game is that he had found himself rooting for the Mets. It has stuck ever since.

So that was it, my Dad was a New York Mets fan. Losing hope and faith in British football, he swapped his Arsenal shirts for Mets jerseys—and, incidentally, so did we.

Over the next few years, his dedication to baseball grew and he took a real interest in following the American pastime. His Twitter feed was flooded with baseball updates, his family announcements updating us on the previous night’s game became a daily ritual, parcels containing all sorts of baseball-related merchandise and clothing turned up at the door, and even dinner-table chat steered toward the week’s trades or the latest home run.

One day, he told us about a book he had heard about on Twitter. Written by a former sports journalist and baseball historian (none other than Jim Leeke), it told the story of how, during the heart of World War I, a ball game between the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army played out on Independence Day for King George V himself at Stamford Bridge.

Skip forward to the 4th of July, 2017, the 99th anniversary of the King’s game, when my tweet at the MLB Battlegrounds in Hyde Park, London, caught Jim’s attention, leading to the first of many conversations about making his book into a documentary.

So here we are, in pre-production of a film about a game that showed unity between the U.S and the U.K, bringing joy and colour to a country draped in suffering and loss. We have a trailer on its way, and are deeply into the research. You’ll find us on our website, Twitter and Facebook. We’re looking for interview subjects, so please get in touch if you have information, stories, names, contacts or suggestions. … Let's get this ball rolling!