The changing plan …

Jim Leeke — AABP

Soldiers and historians will tell you that a battle plan is valid until the first shot is fired. Something similar may apply to commemorations. Our plan to mark the centennial of the great Fourth of July “baseball match” at Stamford Bridge in 1918, during World War I, has changed and morphed and changed again. Now it’s clear that commemorations will extend beyond July 4, 2018, which is fine with us.

Our colleagues at the U.S. Naval War College now plan to hold a simple pregame ceremony before the Newport Gulls game on the Fourth at historic Cardines Field in Newport, Rhode Island. And our friends at Tennessee State Parks are preparing a WWI baseball game in Nashville the following Saturday, July 7. The Naval War College then plans to play another WWI game in Newport in September, as they did last year. We’ll post details here as we receive them.

Yes, this all differs from what AABP envisioned when we began three years ago. And we’re pleased with it all, too. We’re grateful for the unexpected American friends we’ve made since 2015. And we hope to commemorate the WWI Anglo-American alliance with the many baseball friends we’ve made in the United Kingdom. We look forward to Independence Day 2018 … and to the many Fourths to follow.