Happy July 4th ...

By Jim Leeke — AABP

Greetings to our supporters on Independence Day — or Interdependence Day, as our friends in the UK dubbed the holiday in 1918 during World War One. Two years from today, we plan to present our “baseball match” in England. We’ve had several productive meetings and calls in recent weeks, and plans are evolving. We’ll keep you posted when we have more details.

Meanwhile, our thanks go to Dean Karayanis of the History Author Show for his fine interview about Nine Innings for the King, the book that inspired us to create the AABP. Dean’s passion for history shines in every episode of his podcast. I enjoyed talking with him. Listen to the interview HERE or on the show’s various other outlets.

Also, congratulations to Major League Baseball for the Fort Bragg game yesterday between the Braves and Marlins. We really enjoyed it, and look forward to more in coming years.

Happy Fourth to everyone!