Farnham Park ...

Jim Leeke — AABP

I caught a fast train from Paddington one morning last month and sixteen minutes later stepped down in Slough (sounds like “plow”) in London’s western suburbs. Then I hopped into a big black British taxi and in a few minutes more reached Farnham Park, the best baseball diamond in England.

It had a beautiful grass infield. Dugouts. A pitcher’s mound. Major league dimensions to the outfield fences — 330 feet to left, 340 to right, 400 to straightaway center. Even a small manual scoreboard. True, it presented a few challenges to hosting a holiday crowd, but none that couldn’t be met by 2018.

Should we then book Farnham Park as the venue for our Great War “baseball match” on the Fourth of July, 2018? 

If you plan it, they will come. 

Batter up!